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The P-5 Section of Tyndale comprises two classes per Year level from Kindergarten to Year Five. Each class has children of similar age with the one class teacher. Staff seek to work in partnership with parents through practical involvement and open communication between home and school.

P-5 students are immersed in a world of co-operative, purposeful and interesting learning. Within this context, the talents of individual children are nurtured and individual needs met. Opportunities are provided to use these talents as the children work out their relationships with God, people and the environment. Indeed, it is the school's view that relationship is the most effective teaching strategy and teachers should have high expectations of their students and themselves. Supporting the dignity of each child as an image bearer of God, discipline is firm, loving and realistic. Teacher directed group work, co-operative learning and peer assistance are features of Junior School classrooms at Tyndale. Students are supported and encouraged in a caring school environment that seeks to be Christ centred.

Each child is encouraged to accept the challenge of personal improvement in all areas of the curriculum and strive for individual excellence. Curriculum is taught based on NSW Syllabus documents with a biblical focus. Basic skills such as reading, writing and number are viewed as tools to be used in the equipping and being God's person in His world.

Literacy is taught using both the Spalding Method and English syllabus outcomes. In P-5 at Tyndale we aim to respond to Biblical truths by Growing Individuals for Thanksgiving and Service (GIFTS). In GIFTS we integrate GAP (God and People), HSIE, Science & Technology and PD/H/PE wherever possible. Our desire is that our students will grow in the love and knowledge of God, develop their individual relationship with Him through faith in the redemptive work of Jesus, and with thanksgiving learn to serve Him and others as they bring all things under the Lordship of Christ.

Sports, excursions, cultural or interest events, camps, concerts and other community celebrations are important and exciting aspects of the P-5 program. Tyndale's P-5 Section offers a Christ-centred education and develops a firm basis upon which Middle and Senior school education can be built.


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