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Service Opportunities

There are a variety of ways in which students are encouraged to serve others as an outworking of faith

  • Buddies Program – Junior School
  • Buddies Program – Partnering overseas students
  • Co-curricular and Service Learning Program
  • Mission Fundraising
  • Student Leadership Council with associated leadership training
  • Years 9-12 specific service focus through subject electives
  • Middle School messenger service
  • Community fairs, Multicultural day and Open day serving
  • Leading lunch groups (Junior, Middle and Senior)
  • Middle - Senior school 1-1 discipleship
  • Leading and speaking at assemblies
  • Small group building projects within the school
  • Year 10 Service week
  • Year 10 Overseas Mission trip
  • Year 11 Overseas Mission trip
  • Year 12 Overseas Mission trip

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