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Vision & Mission

Christian Schooling is Gospel work

Vision Statement

To see parents and children experience the benefits of Bible-based, Christ-centred, Parent-Controlled education in order that they might be prepared and equipped for a life of service as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Mission Statement

To serve Christian families by operating one or more schools, and that as the Lord enables and prospers us, and that while remaining faithful to our vision, and to the Reformed faith and worldview of our founders, to provide Christian education of the highest quality for as many as desire it for their children.

The special task of the school

From our Educational Creed we read that it is the special task of the school...... to train the child in the use and development of his God given talents so that he may be equipped to serve Christ as King in all spheres of life to the Glory of God and the well-being of his fellow men.

Christian Schooling is Gospel work. The privilege and responsibility of a Christian School is to assist Christian parents to bring up their children in the fear and nurture of the Lord.

The school is an extension of the Christian home where together parents and teachers seek to encourage children to view the world through the lens of the Gospel. This view of life and the world gives great meaning, hope and purpose to schooling.

Tyndale's goal is to assist students to see that the Lord is sovereign over all of creation and that His kingdom extends to all parts of life and to encourage students to honour the Lord Jesus in their learning and their living.

Our students are encouraged to be God's people in God's world. The school therefore not only seeks to develop in students the skills needed to survive and thrive in this world, but seeks also to encourage and equip them to act as agents of change in a world that needs the message of hope. Students are taught to critique the world in which they live so that they can engage the world, live life to the full but not get trapped in its value system.

Tyndale is a school where the role of parents is affirmed and encouraged. Parents are involved in all aspects of the life of the school. Teachers are partners with parents to assist them in the special task God has given them in raising their children.

We seek to make Tyndale a place where people can catch little glimpses of Heaven in the way people care for each other and in the way we seek to give Jesus His rightful place in education, that is, at the very centre. Tyndale seeks to be a community characterised by Grace.