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Educational Opportunities

All curriculum at Tyndale is presented from an underlying assumption that our world is in fact God’s world

God is a God of love, truth, grace, mercy and justice. He is sovereign over all things and has given man dominion over the created order to act responsibly, and under his authority, to rule over it with love, truth, grace, mercy and justice. In Junior School we aim to respond to these truths by Growing Individuals for Thanksgiving and Service (GIFTS). In GIFTS we integrate HSIE, Science & Technology and PD/H wherever possible, although some units of work in these areas will stand alone.

Although we use many resources to aid our educational program, we have found it useful to be consistent across the Junior School in our practices and procedures. The Spalding method of teaching literacy as outlined in ‘The Writing Road to Reading’ is a system whereby the basic elements of the language are directly and systematically taught. It is a multi-sensory approach using vision, hearing, speech and movement. A number of neurological pathways are utilised, optimising the child’s ability to learn and remember. In our Junior School at Tyndale we use the Spalding method to assist us as we teach Literacy.

We understand the need to see the children in our classes not just as a group, but also as unique individuals on their own learning journey. Differentiation is concerned with allowing the learning experiences of the classroom to be accessible for all participants, enabling and encouraging learning.

In all subject areas students are supported through our differentiated classroom curriculum as well as through our Support and Enrichment programs.