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Senior 9-12 @ Tyndale Christian School

The senior years of secondary education (Years 9-12) are important in equipping students with the skills, knowledge, interests and attitudes to enable them to successfully take hold of future educational and vocational opportunities. In addition, and perhaps more significantly, Senior School is the setting in which children negotiate the challenging journey towards young adulthood. At Tyndale Christian School, it is our task to prepare and equip students for a life of service as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The curriculum at Tyndale, while complying with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements, is therefore firmly anchored in a Christ centred world view. During these senior years of education, when young people are asking key questions concerning identity and meaning, teachers are ready and able to assist them to make sense of their world, to critique their culture and to find purpose for their lives now and in the future.

Secondary courses are divided into 8 Key Learning Areas (KLA). The KLA groupings are the standard state-wide groupings. Courses are designed to meet the NESA guidelines.

A capable team of coordinators, who are experts in their respective fields, are available to assist students in their academic pathways. These KLA Coordinators lead their respective faculty teams seeking to bring effective teaching and deep learning from a Christian perspective.

Senior School at Tyndale