A Parent Controlled School

The Association for Christian Education of Blacktown Ltd provides education in which the authority and rights of parents in the education of their children are recognised and supported.

This is done in the following ways:

  • Parents who are members of the Association, together with non-parent members, through their participation in the General Meetings of the Association
    • elect the Board of Directors from members of the Association
    • determine the annual budget
    • decide on major education policy matters for the school
  • While the Board of Directors is responsible for the overall management, the Principal is in charge of the daily running of the school being assisted in this by members of staff appointed by the Board. The Board is assisted in its tasks by a number of committees which the Board appoints from amongst Association members. One significant operation task undertaken by the Board is conducting Board interviews for all prospective employees to ensure that all staff working at Tyndale are committed Christians with an active faith.
  • Through regular Parent/Teacher meetings and Parent/Teacher/Student conferences, all parents are able to express their interests and concerns about the education of their children.
  • Parents are encouraged to be involved in the educational activities of the school. Opportunities include assisting in teaching and craft activities, providing support in exams or at library services, or supporting school functions, excursions and camps.
  • Parents are also encouraged to be actively involved in working with staff to help students develop in their ability to learn, grow and serve.

For further information about this involvement, please contact the School Office.

The Parent-Controlled education practised at Tyndale is an indirect control exercised through the Board, the Committees and the Professional Staff appointed by the Board.

Tyndale Christian School is a member of Christian Education National (CEN) and the Association of Independent Schools (AIS).