What it means to be a Christian School

What it means to be a Christian School

What God reveals affects many areas of life, including our understanding of the word, our ethical systems, our purpose in life, our understanding of the world and how it operates, our relationships and many other things – our world view. Consequently, Christians over the centuries have often felt that to educate their children in a way consistent with the Bible, they have needed to establish schools which employ teachers and staff who understand and believe in this worldview.

Christians believe that God has revealed himself to us through the Bible: who he is, what he requires of us, and what he has done for us.

Christian schools, teach all their subjects from a distinctively Christian point of view. However, just as importantly, teachers and staff model to the students what it means to live and relate as Christians.

The responsibility to teach their children about God is primarily the responsibility of parents. The school’s purpose is to provide reinforcement for the values and beliefs that are being taught and modelled in the Christian home and to provide an academic education that reflects those beliefs and teaches every subject from a Christian perspective.

Tyndale Christian School, therefore, is a “parent-controlled” school, owned and governed by an Association of like-minded Christian parents who work together to operate a school according to their Christian beliefs which are outlined in Tyndale’s Educational Creed.