Learning Support

Learning Support

The Learning Support team at Tyndale places emphasis on supporting students in the classroom as well as resourcing teachers to differentiate instruction and curriculum to cater for the learning needs of all students.

The Tyndale Christian School Learning Support team uses the Response to Intervention (RTI) model to identify, intervene and monitor students so as to cater for the learning and social-emotional needs of all students. The RTI model is designed to give three increasingly intense levels of support with the underlying philosophy that all students can meet their potential if given appropriate intervention.

The Tyndale Christian School Learning Support team work collaboratively with classroom teachers to provide:

  • Tier 1 whole class high quality instruction with day-to-day adjustments to instructional delivery
  • Tier 2 small group intervention through evidence informed Literacy, Numeracy and Social Skill programs
  • Tier 3 personally tailored one-to-one intervention where coursework and assessments are modified to meet the learning needs of individual students.

Learning Support staff provide a number of particular programs and services to support students with special needs. The MultiLit Reading Program assists individual students in the Primary and Junior Secondary Schools, while homework and assignment help is offered through Homework Club at lunchtimes and after school. Years 11 and 12 students are well supported, with access to staff during study periods and special provisions available for all students in examinations and in-class assessment tasks.

Opportunity for withdrawal of small groups of students is available for additional and specialised instruction in Literacy and Numeracy.

Extension and enrichment opportunities are also provided both in the classroom through differentiated instruction and in small groups across a variety of subjects.