Tyndale Secondary School (Years 7-12) has been established to provide an environment in which students in these crucial years of schooling have the best opportunity to grow as learners as part of a secure, nurturing Christian community.

In Junior Secondary (Years 7-10), emphasis is placed on ensuring that students develop good relationships in a caring learning environment as they make the transition from Primary School to Secondary. The Senior years of Secondary (Years 11-12) are important for furthering the development of dispositions towards learning and life that will equip students to fulfil our mission to be disciples of Jesus through Christ-centred, Biblical education.

The curriculum at Tyndale, while complying with NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements, is therefore firmly anchored in a Christ-centred worldview. During the Senior years of education, when young people are asking key questions concerning identity and meaning, teachers are ready and able to assist them to make sense of their world, to critique their culture and to find purpose for their lives now and in the future.

The Structure of Each Day

The day begins at 8:45 am each morning, with Period 1. A 19 minute recess break occurs at 10:46am, and lunch is of 40 minutes’ duration, from 12:45pm until 1:25pm. The school day concludes at 3:05pm, when children are supervised in the playground until they leave for home. Bells indicate starting and finishing times, as well as recess and lunch breaks.

The school is supervised from 8:00am until 3:30pm each day.