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Music @ Tyndale

Students at Tyndale will experience Music in a variety of ways.

The wonderful God-given gift of music is explored as students work with specialist teachers in classes from Preschool through to Year 12. Music classes include experiences in listening, performing and composing.

The Music course is a mandatory part of the curriculum in Preschool - Year 8, and is then offered as an elective in Years 9 – 12. The co-curricular music program at Tyndale runs in conjunction with the classroom curriculum and offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to experience and develop their gifts in this area.

Music is presented under the overarching idea that it is a gift from God, something that we can learn to appreciate, and something that we can develop to glorify God. Students are encouraged to critique the world’s use of music and to recognise where it has been distorted from the Biblical use - as a tool of praise, worship, lament and encouragement. Students are encouraged to recognise that we are all given the gift of music and individually need to discover how we can explore, develop and utilise this gift.


Students in Music have the opportunity to perform and participate in a number of events held annually at the school. These include but are not limited to:

Illuminate - a showcase of Major Works from Year 12

Engage - a celebration of the Creative and Performing Arts in Years 9-11

Inspire - a celebration of Music in Primary School

Big Band Bash - an in-school music retreat for Band members.

Students may also display their musical gifts at assemblies, eisteddfods and other school events.


Year 5 Band

Students are introduced to concert band instruments in the Year 5 Band Program, where every student is provided with an instrument and music resources. They attend group tutorials each week and are taught the skills required to play and care for their instrument, as well as developing their skills in reading music notation. In conjunction with these tutorials, each student plays in a larger ensemble, developing skills in listening, co-operation and team building. The main focus is to discover and develop the gift of music with which God has blessed us. Year 5 Band members will participate in the Big Band Bash, and may also perform at Expo. Students who enjoy playing in a Band are encouraged to join Sonic Ensemble in Term 4 to further develop their gifts in this area.

Sonic Ensemble

Sonic Ensemble is Tyndale's junior band. This co-curricular activity allows students with minimal experience playing their instrument to work together in an ensemble. Students meet with the band leaders to rehearse once a week before school, to build the skills required for playing in a band. The Sonic Ensemble attends the Big Band Bash, spending some intense time working with specialised tutors as well as students from the Concert Band. The Sonic Ensemble performs at Expo, and will also take part in the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod.

Concert Band

Concert Band includes students from the Middle and Senior schools, and gives members the opportunity to take their musicianship and performance skills to a higher level. Students meet with the band leaders before school for a one hour rehearsal each week. Concert Band members attend the Big Band Bash to develop their skills, and also mentor younger and less-experienced musicians. The Concert Band will perform at Expo and Engage, and will also take part in the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod.

Praise and Worship Bands

A number of Praise and Worship groups have been formed by students and staff at Tyndale. These are informal groups, which rehearse weekly and may lead worship at assemblies and other school events.


The Sound and Lighting Team is a group of students and staff that are enthusiastic and interested in providing sound and lighting support for many events at Tyndale. Students receive training on how to use and care for the variety of equipment around the school. The S.A.L.T team will participate in many school functions and will also assist with Drama (and other) performances.