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The purpose of the Student Leadership Council (SLC) is to encourage students who, through a Biblical principle of leadership, desire to have a greater role in serving the school community . The SLC's primary purposes are discipleship and servanthood (being the heart/hands/head/feet of the student body) in order to glorify the Father, and to provide a Christ-like witness to the student body and wider community.

It provides a structure where all students are given a voice and where students are equipped to lead others in promoting service opportunities within the school. This secondary focus is to provide a forum for students to address issues about which they are interested. Students, where appropriate, receive help to achieve goals related to pursuing these particular interests.

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Differences from secular Student Representative Councils

The SLC serves God first through servant leadership, modelling Christ likeness, encouraging, acknowledging, and teaching students that it is only with God that we can make a difference in the world - it is our cultural and Recreational mandate. Service to students and the wider community emerge from this framework. At Tyndale, through our focus on learning, growing and serving, we seek to teach students to place acts of service in the right context by giving God the glory and in their gifts and abilities to be God's hands and feet in the world, acknowledging Him and giving Him the glory He deserves. This enables students to see that there is no dualism between worship and life, school and ministry, life and service. We teach students that Christ is in all aspects of life and should be acknowledged and served in all. Our aim is to disciple students in the responsible use and development of their God given gifts and talents so that they are equipped for a life of service as disciples of Jesus Christ.

The SLC is a group of students (Yrs 5-12), elected by school staff and their fellow students, to represent them and participate as leaders in the school.

The SLC is:

  • Educational (by developing skills in leadership and communication);
  • Preparation (part of equipping for a life of service as disciples of Christ);
  • Democratic (because every student has a representative voice);
  • Responsible (for solving real problems and making real decisions);
  • Sharing (input into decision-making with the Principal, Deputy Principal, Staff, other students and the school community);
  • Caring (other people focused; for those in our school community and outside in the local, national and international community);
  • Fun and Rewarding (for everyone in the school).